Thursday, February 3, 2022

The Context of Politics

The general consensus, regardless of which source of news is your channel of choice, is that we are as a nation severely divided. Not only divided but divided in a way that seems to be unmovable.  The more we try to unite, and those attempts are becoming less and less frequent and made with a growing sense of futility, the more we see to stay apart.

Democrats vs. Republicans, Liberals vs. Conservatives, Constitutionalists vs. Authoritarians, Right vs. Left, Blue vs. Red, even divisions among the camps themselves - Progressive vs. Moderate Democrats. Even bipartisanship, the holy grail of idealized "working together" brings at its best the chance for US to "get along" with THEM.

What's missed in the mix of all this is what is at the core, underlying everything and shaping not only how we see the situation but determining all that we do in our attempts to remedy the situation. The fundamental universal context of humanity - US vs. THEM. Nothing personal about it, nothing specific about it. IT doesn't care who or what the US or THEM happens to be at the time, ONLY that whatever or whoever is there, they will be there in the world of US and THEM.

And until we confront and deal with, REALLY deal with this business of our dividedness at the level of root cause, the level of context, we will continue to chase our tales from one failed attempt at unification to another. 

We here at Context News look forward to this exploration in the days ahead, to engage with you as stakeholders in the future, for what that brings to politics as a new context and not merely the next situational fix.