Monday, February 18, 2019

Climate Crisis Empowerment!

by Laughlin Artz
Editor, Context News

As you are well aware (if you've been watching!), most of the recent efforts of CN have been devoted to the work of climate change and in specific the empowering of humanity to make a critical impact in the matter. Real actions taken in real time to produce real results. Housed in the campaign that is 2030 or Bust.

It was Context News that got us into this mess. It was only when we set out to do some reporting on climate change that we discovered the deep doo doo we were in and turned our searchlight into the heart of the matter of the climate crisis, the contextual underpinnings of not only what brought us to this precipice of extinction but also our response to the crisis. We supported the instigation of a global campaign to offer what we saw as critically missing - the opportunity for the ordinary person to take responsibility for the whole enchilada and take the direct actions to bridge the gap between the cliff we're predictably marching over and a sustainable future for all of life.

But make no mistake, it is ALL CONTEXT. As we laid out in the episodes we did on the climate crisis, the real crisis is not carbon or politics or science: the real crisis is the context in which the situation exists for people, a context that renders them/us fundamentally powerless.

So Context News will continue to bring you all the news that's fit to upset, disrupt, confound and instigate! Our mission is intact - to provide everyone the opportunity to explore the critical issues of the day at the level of root cause, to leave you not only informed but empowered.

It's great to be at work in partnership with you. Let's keep up the great work together! We bring you the opportunity to act, and without you taking those actions, we're just another information service, and not the distinct phenomenon that is Context News!

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