Monday, January 19, 2015


I wanted to write this, to let you know that I had a real breakthrough.  In the midst of working on the next episode of Context News, I happened to see on some random tv station an interview between Robert Penn and Martin Luther King, Jr., one i never heard and didn't even know existed.  Not the usual kind of speech, not a speech at all, but just a conversation.  

Toward the end of the interview, MLK talked on the specific kind of revolution that the civil right movement was/is, what it was really all about, and i heard it in a way that i had never heard it before, anywhere, from anyone.  it was very clear to me that it was very clear to him that it was about one thing and one thing only - Integrity.

I found the interview and excerpts from it, and interestingly none of them included the phrases i found most critical.  So i did the transcription myself, and will find a way to house those statements firmly at the heart of what we are doing.  Those statements and others which speak of the same kind of new language, the kind of new language that was the language Martin Luther King, Jr. lived and died for - yes, a new language of racial equality, but at the heart of it much bigger, much broader, much more revolutionary - the language of integrity.

The new language that we are creating Context News in service of, 
that our shows will be in service of, that all that we do will be in service of is the language of integrity.

This gives us a very clear access into the world we are out to change and also a way of speaking about what we are up to that makes it gettable, at least enough to get us in the door.

This might all seem obvious to you, and maybe i am just a bit slow to get it, but this discovery of what this all really is has opened up for me a whole new world of what is now there to create and manifest.

Thank you!!!


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