Friday, January 16, 2015

Paris 2015 Pledges - Your Business

If there is something that you want to make happen, there is one group you would not give it to - politicians.  And that is the group responsible for making the collective global pledges at the Paris Climate Conference to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  These people have failed to reach a similar agreement at any of the previous climate summits and to think that they will pull it off in Paris is not to be in the hard reality of the situation.  

Couple this with the lack of transparency of the process leading up to the conference, and it is a real recipe for disaster, both at the conference itself, and in what will then ensue environmentally.  

It is time for the individual, the ordinary world inhabitant, the global citizen to step up and demand to be a part of this process.  To take the stand that this planet is your planet, and not the property of governments.  Step up and act. Demand a seat at the table.  Make sure that the pledges made in Paris are sufficient to ensure that the global temperature does not increase beyond the critical 2 degree Celsius threshold.  Your voice is essential.

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